Proudly Serving Our Community Since 2000!

We take pride in our partnerships with government agencies, such as DWS and their summer youth program as well as job training for young adults considered "at risk youth" through other agencies. We intern and employ young adults that might not otherwise be given opportunities to explore their potential in life. We open our business and our hearts to these young individuals, teaching them everything we can and treating them with the utmost respect. We share in their lives and encourage them to openly communicate with us. We feel open communication and personal involvement builds a stronger bond. This creates a more productive employee and a better respect and understanding of each other and our business. As employees grow and move forward there is an everlasting bond. They always remain strongly connected to the cafe.

The Why.

Every business seminar I've attended has the same question  circling the room, "why do you want to start a business?" Everyone  quickly answers, "money, to get rich." Mine has always been, "to have something for my family, to do what I love, and to help people." Everyone would look at me like I am crazy, but I wonder where they are today.  I know after establishing this business in Roy and passing the 10-year mark in 2010 my dreams are being fulfilled everyday.

-Owner, Anna Whitnack-Davidson

Martin Whitnack Scholarship Fund

Our brother, son, and friend sadly left this world too soon.

In his memory we raise scholarship money to present to a student annually. 

Community Involvement

On Nov. 10, 2017 we had the pleasure of serving our local Vets. Thank you for your service!


Exciting things are happening with Jesse Jean's! We are proud to announce our partnership with Bryan Wrigley. The opening of a new location in the heart of Historic 25th Street & Black Lotus Coffeeshop + Bakery.